“I am delighted to recommend the two-year Axis Mundi Shamanic Studies program. Valuable for both beginning and advanced students, this course provides an organized, comprehensive, and integrative exploration of the non-ordinary realms and activities of the shaman. Nicki and Carla facilitate a dynamic, interactive learning experience, drawing on wisdom from multiple cultural traditions and teaching participants to acquire personal, individualized healing and divinatory techniques directly from their spirit allies. Much of the learning takes place during class sharing, at which time Nicki and Carla demonstrate ethical, caring, and sensitive group processing. Outstanding experience!


The name of the shamanism school, Axis Mundi, says it all – the vertical axis throughline, connecting the complex but accessible worlds of our existence, both seen and unseen. With disciplined practice, we all have the ability to effortlessly travel back and forth from these different dimensions in consciousness by altering our point of awareness and tapping into frequencies that normally go undetected. Through a thoughtfully crafted curriculum, Axis Mundi, teaches students the skills to develop this intrinsic ability, thereby widening our perspective and augmenting our cosmology.

Axis Mundi Shamanism School is a rarity in the metropolitan DC area as many of these ancient teachings and practices, dating back to the origins of humankind, a foundational bedrock to the development of civilization, have been unapologetically dismissed in the modern era, relegated to exist only the along the obscure peripheries of mainstream culture and schools of theology. Axis Mundi and schools like it serve to redress this scarcity by offering us a direct link to venerable wisdom, knowledge, and healing practices, renewing our connection to everything that is central to our being.

As a second-year student at the Axis Mundi School of Shamanism, it has been an extraordinary experience to witness the rapid and profound development of my fellow students and myself. The first year is devoted to mastering the skill of the shamanic journey or soul flight, when an individual travels to higher vibrational realms using sonic drumming or rattling as a carrier into these sacred spaces to seek information, guidance, or healing. It is in this first year that students acquire a deeper understanding of various archetypes, elemental energies, and our spiritual allies. As we explore the terrain of the Upper, Middle, and Lower realms, we also simultaneously navigate our way through our inner landscapes. Through a deeper dive into shamanic principles and a decoding of symbolism, we find ourselves undergoing miraculously intended metamorphoses, becoming changed beings – moving away from ignorance about who we are and moving towards a clearer realization of our authentic selves and our purpose.

The second-year is intended for serious students who would like to further their foundational studies, build upon what they learned in year one and commit themselves to master the more advanced shamanic energy healing techniques like extraction, soul retrieval, depossession, and curse unraveling so that the core shamanic teachings are acquired to ethically and skillfully heal others. If one is called to this important work, consider listening to that call and find a place like Axis Mundi that will offer the critical foundation upon which one can confidently emerge as a healer.

Nicki and Carla lead each class with a level of expertise that both inspire ones new to this field of study and fortify the knowledge base of ones who have been studying or practicing the intuitive or shamanic disciplines for years. Their style of teaching allows students the space to discover these ancient teachings on their own through the pathway of the shamanic journey. Carla does a heroic job holding space, through her rhythmic drumming, enabling students to seamlessly move in and out of altered states. The container they create holds students in a nurturing space that is conducive to inner exploration, even during personally challenging and transformative times. It is within this sacred container that wisdom is imparted, compassion is offered, and shamanic seeds are planted and encouraged to develop and blossom.


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