Steps to Admission

1. Interest

Please send an email to no later than December 20, 2020 with some details about yourself, including:

– The reason you{re interested in joining Axis Mundi Shamanic Studies and learning shamanic healing.

– Your general background and you experience, if any, with shamanism and/or other healing modalities

– What you’re looking to get out of this program.

2. Introductory Session

You will receive an invitation to join an Introductory Session on Zoom (date TBD), during which you will have an opportunity to interact with the teachers and other class participants, and to ask questions prior to starting the program.

Your participation in the session is required if you’re interested in joining the program in January 2021.

3. Journeying Experience

Knowing how to journey is required before starting the program.

If you’re new to journeying, we highly recommend that you read “Shamanic Journeying – A Beginner’s Guide”* by Sandra Ingerman, before December 20, 2020, in order for you to establish a journeying practice, as well as to begin a relationship with your Spirit/Power Animal, optimally before the Introductory Session.

*We recommend the Enhanced Edition of the e-book, which includes three separate recordings of drumming, to help you journey more easily.

4. Notification

You will be notified by December 31st, 2020 about whether or not you have been accepted into the 2021 program.

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