Class Information

We meet once a month (with more frequency in the second year) typically on Sundays, via Zoom.

Classes begin promptly at noon (12:00pm) and end around 4:30pm, with a 30-minute break.

We journey multiple times and then break for a snack. We then share and discuss our journeys as a group.

Things you’ll need for the class depend on what you need to be comfortable. Since we’re currently offering virtual sessions, students journey comfortably in their homes, either sitting up or lying down. Some students find it easier to journey in the dark, and will sometimes use an eye mask/curtain.

You’ll also need notebook and a pen, as well as water and a snack.

In order to get into a trance-like state more easily, we strongly recommend that you journey with the sound of a drum, a rattle or a recording of either. The book “Shamanic Journeying – A Beginner’s Guide (Enhanced Edition)” by Sandra Ingerman, which we highly recommend if you’re new to journeying, includes three separate recordings of drumming.

Each class costs $30. Discounts available if needed.

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