Axis Mundi Shamanic Studies offers a two-year course of shamanic healing for self and others through shamanic journeying. Each session covers a specific topic, but we are guided by the spirits in a creative process. We provide guidance on how to establish communication with the spirits in a safe environment, but each student’s journeys are very individual. No two individual’s journeys or experiences are the same.

We meet once a month for about 4 hours on Sunday at 12:00pm (noon) to around 4pm. Students utilize a drum or rattle to journey more easily and enter into a trance-like state.  After journeying, students take notes and later share their journeys with the group. We believe that in this way we build a powerful egregore.

Students build their journeying techniques and they experience and learn healing through their helping spirits. First Year students learn tools for personal healing only. Upon completing the First Year, students may choose to continue learning more advanced shamanic healing tools, and can learn to heal others on the Second Year.

Nicolynn Green and Carla Natalia are graduates of Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism. Their teacher and mentor is Caroline Kenner, who studied with Sandra Ingerman and Michael Harner.

Each class costs $30. The curriculum is a progressive process and requires a certain level of commitment.

Knowing how to journey is required before starting the program. For more details, please visit the Class Information page.

To apply or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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